The distraction of technology

 Just push play on the link to the right, sit back and listen as I read this post for you! I have more important things to talk about, so I’ll keep this first part short and sweet. As you probably already figured out I’m a freelance improviser, host/MC and moderator. Please check out my homepage to learn more about me and what I can offer you! The entire site is also available in English, just click the little English and Swedish flags to switch language. But wait a minute! …58, 59, 60, and we’re back! (oh, there will be puns in this blog) And yes, as you might want to point out, this blog post is in fact in English even though it’s posted in the Swedish part of the site! Crazy I know, but I have taken the decision to write all my blog posts in English. Why? Because I work both in Sweden as well as within the international community of impro, meetings and events, and it [...]