I teach and perform improvised theater regularly for Gbgimpro (Gothenburg Improtheater) as well as in other constellations both nationally and internationally, like the duo Puppy that you can read more about here! I’m always open to collaborate with other improvisers and guest other groups in Sweden and abroad, so feel free to contact me if you want to share your stage with me.

My focus as an improviser, both for performing and teaching, is a playful exploration of the stage together with my scene partners to find what makes us commit right then and there. And then let that commitment drive our scenes, no matter what genre/format of show we are playing.
To achieve this I work with what I have come to call: engaged and playful curiosity, a mindset based on honesty, dynamic scenes and lively, multi dimensional character work.

Scroll down to find more information about me as a coach and workshop teacher, for both theater- and corporate groups.

Workshops - For theater

I offer many different workshops for theater and impro groups. How extensive the workshops are depends on how much time you have and how deep you want to dive into that specifik work. Besides the workshops described below I’m also happy to tailor a workshop after your groups specifik needs and interests.

I offer my workshops in many different contexts, like impro festivals and such, and I post up to date information right here about when or where my workshops are available.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to know more about my current workshops or discuss creating a private workshop for your group. You can find my contact information at the bottom of the page.


Discover the stage with new eyes and create scenes with greater variation!

As impro players we start most of our scenes the same way, we spend the majority of our time in one position and we often find ourselves in the same spot: a meter apart in the center of the stage.

In Dynamic scene work we push ourselves to break free from our conventions and start using the space, our scene partners and everything else around us to create scenes with more variation. With the mindset of playful curiosity we explore different levels of energy, dimension and perception of reality as we strive to deconstruct the world around us from a simple empty stage to a playground of imagination with infinite possibilities.
Available in Berlin 17th-19th of March. Read more and register here!


Become a calmer, quicker improviser and play better scenes with the help of games!

Short form, games or theater sports techniques: call it what you want, for most people this is the gateway to improvisation and a synonymous with short, fun and fast paced impro. But game oriented shows can become a hunt for laughter and prestige that disconnect us from our partners and the scene itself. For that reason some improvisers get bored, stressed or afraid to play games, and some might even avoid it completely.

In this workshop we will use playfulness and honesty to get away from prestige and fear so we can explore games as a tool to create interesting and well played scenes instead of just being about hunting for laughs and showing of skills.


Become one with your characters and tell your stories based on their experiences!

A common problem for improvisers is that we slip in and out of character as we play, loosing voice, body and often end up just playing ourselves on stage.

In this workshop we will go through some of the classic ways of finding a character through body, voice, animals etc. But the focus will be on what we do with the character once we find it. We will explore more about the character’s beliefs, wants and experiences, never losing the essence of the character as we play. So that we hold on to the character even if we brake the fourth wall or make other choices as improvisers, letting our actions filter through the character instead of letting it go and not finding it again.


As an impro coach I work close with your group for a predetermined number of sessions to for example enhance your strenghts and challange you to grow in areas you struggle with. Other reasons to hire me as your coach can be to have me direct an upcoming show or that you’re about to take on an area of impro that you aren’t so familiar with and want my help to explore it.

I can of course coach your group even if you don’t really know what you want to do. In that case I would coach and give feedback from the needs I see in the group and from what we discover together in the sessions.

Please contact me if you want to know more about hiring me as your impro coach. You can find my contact information at the bottom of the page.

Applied improvisation - corporate workshops

Improvisation in the work place is all about applying knowledge from improvised theater to our daily life.
Because being part of a corporate team is not that different from a theater ensemble: You are part of a group that need to communicate effectively, find creative solutions to different problems and in the end create something that is bigger than each individual on the team.

I offer workshops in applied impro, taking the skills from improvisation on stage to help us listen more, let go of personal prestige and support our team members. To achieve this I focus on increased presence and trust, working with listening, affirmation and not judging ourselves and fearing eventual failures. Because when we trust ourselves and each other to go into unknown waters we might see places we didn’t know existed.

From my background of working with events in different project management teams I have experienced first hand how applying impro knowledge kan benefit, and even change, our behavior in a workplace and on a team.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are curious about hiring me for a Applied Impro Workshop.
My contact information can be found at the bottom of the page.


Be more comfortable on stage and give better presentations!

The fear of failure can be paralyzing when on stage. In this workshop we work with letting go of control and fear to be more confident when we face an audience. When the fear has passed we focus on fine tuning your personal form and behaviorisms.


Get things done by listening more and saying less

We’ve all been in a meeting just waiting for our turn to talk. In this workshop we work with not just hearing what other people say, but truly listen and build on each other’s ideas so we don’t waste time in discussions about who’s idea is the best one.


Letting loose together is both fun and beneficial!

Letting go of your prestige and letting loose with your colleges is not only fun, it can strengthen relationships in both new teams and old gangs. Playfulness is not just for kids, to have fun together is a successful recipe for enhanced creativity and performance.


Guaranteed laughs at the conference or improvised dinner show!

Looking for entertainment for a conference, office party or other event? No problem! I also work for Gothenburg Improtheater (gbgimpro.se) and together we can help you with improvised entertainment for any occasion!